Ohio Residents love relocating to the South

Tue, April 23, 2024  |  11:54 PM

Ohio Residents Relocate to North Carolina

Why relocate to North Carolina for retirement? North Carolina has a lot to offer its retirees and other residents. Just read the articles below to see which town or city might suit your fancy and offer the things you are looking for in a retirement destination.

North Carolina invites you to spend some time exploring. Crisscrossed by major highways and with the second largest ferry system in the country, virtually all of the state is easy to get to. But the most interesting parts of the Tarheel State are found off the beaten track.

Asheville photo
Asheville, North Carolina
"Located on the French Broad River, with the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains as a backdrop, the climate is mild year-round... "The secret is out. In recent years, Asheville, North Carolina, has earned accolades from...
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Chapel Hill photo
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Chapel Hill was created primarily around and to serve the University of North Carolina, the oldest state-supported university in the United States. Today, it remains a diverse university town with a varied population ranging from...
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Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina photo, yachts at a pier
Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina
Almost straddling the border of South Carolina and North Carolina, Ocean Isle Beach is one of North Carolina's southernmost barrier islands. Just over seven miles long, it is a favorite of retirees searching for the idyllic beach...
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Southport aerial photo
Southport, North Carolina
By a quirk of history, the city of Southport, North Carolina, has retained its idyllic setting to this day. Had the city fathers had their way when the New World was still new, the sleepy little waterfront town would have...
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Sunset Beach photo
Sunset Beach, North Carolina
Located 44 miles southwest of Wilmington, Sunset Beach, North Carolina, remains one of the last working beach communities in the area. The majority of the town's residents still make their living by fishing, shrimping and crabbing...
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Wilmington, North Carolina photo
Wilmington, North Carolina
During the 1990s, Wilmington evolved into one of the fastest-growing retiree havens in the region, a trend that continues today. The warm weather, nearby beaches and rich history of the area draw people from across the country...
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